Today in Music History: 26 years of Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

The Beach Boys' song 'Good Vibrations' entered the singles charts; the Supremes had the No. 1 album; Bob Dylan returned to Duluth for a gig after a near-30-year absence; and Pearl Jam played their very first gig 26 years ago, Today in Music History.

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Prince at the Mall of America: Instruments, costumes, awards go on display

Prince mall of america 602x452

“At least it’s in the part of the mall that has nice floors,” said Andrea Swensson, looking down at the burnished white tile beneath our feet as we walked towards a giant Prince glyph decorating the window of a Mall of America storefront. We were there to see Prince: The Artist, the Icon, the Legend. It’s…

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Bedlam Lowertown to close Nov. 2

“With a fully stocked all-you-can-eat buffet of emotions, we announce that Bedlam Lowertown will be closing on November 2,” write Bedlam Theatre artistic director Maren Ward and board president Dan Spock in a note posted yesterday to the company’s website. “This was a highly ambitious project and there are many whys and why nots and…

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Friday Five: ahem, Chris Bartels, and more new Minnesota music videos

After a deluge of submissions during the last month or so, the stream of local music videos has started to slow. If you’re a Minnesota musician and have new videos to share, feel free to submit your work to Thanks! ahem, “Bottle Rocket” ahem are one of the Twin Cities’ punk bands to watch. Luckily, Lizzie Hutchins made that…

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Michael DeMark mixes a session

Behind the scenes at The Current studios

Behind the scenes of the Current's studio sessions: learn about in-studios from engineer Michael DeMark, producer Derrick Stevens, multimedia producer Nate Ryan, and on-air host Mary Lucia.

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Prince4ever 120x120

Two new Prince releases, including music from the vault, on the way

Prince fans won’t have to wait much longer for a taste of music from the vault. On Thursday night, NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records announced two new releases — the first ones since Prince’s death on April 21 — and both will share music that was previously unreleased. The first project, Prince 4Ever, comes out on Nov. 22 in the…

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The Current Sessions®

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry put down railroad tracks in the studio

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry have just released an album of railroad songs recorded at a number of train stations between Chicago and Los Angeles. 'It's certainly not about nostalgia,' Henry says. 'This is a part of our living heritage.' Bragg and Henry stopped in to the studio to play some songs and to chat with host and producer Mike Pengra.

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Phantogram perform at The Current

Phantogram perform in The Current studio

The members of Phantogram suffered a personal tragedy during the making of their recent album, 'Three.' But the music helped them express the many resulting emotions. 'It's cathartic in that way,' says Phantogram's Sarah Barthels. 'It's kind of like our therapy.' Touring in support of 'Three', Phantogram stopped by The Current's studio for a session hosted by Jade.

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Holidae perform in The Current studio

With the recent release of their debut album, Minneapolis' Holidae stopped by The Current to perform in-studio and to chat with host Andrea Swensson of 'The Local Show.'

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Seratones press photo

Seratones perform in The Current studio

Shreveport, La., band Seratones were signed to Fat Possum Records in 2015, and released their debut album, 'Get Gone', in May 2016. They've been touring heavily since then. 'You're constantly riding in and out of an adrenalin rush,' says frontperson AJ Haynes. 'It's kind of addictive, actually!' Before a show at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minn., Seratones stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Bill DeVille.

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Conor Oberst in studio

Conor Oberst performs in The Current studio

Conor Oberst says he doesn't really like surprises, but his next album, 'Ruminations,' came about somewhat surprisingly. One of the heads at Oberst's label 'just really liked the recording and he suggested that we just put it out,' Oberst recalls. 'I thought it was an interesting idea.' Oberst visits The Current's studio to play songs from the new album and to chat with host Bill DeVille.

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Shovels & Rope perform in The Current studio.

Shovels & Rope perform in The Current studio

On their latest album, 'Little Seeds,' Shovels & Rope continue to stretch creatively. 'We're always kind of morphing and doing things a little bit different to stretch our legs,' says Michael Trent, co-frontperson with Cary Ann Hearst. Listen to Shovels & Rope's complete in-studio session, hosted by Bill DeVille on 'United States of Americana.'

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Marian Hill: Samatha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd

Marian Hill perform in The Current studio

Taking their name from a mashup of character names from 'The Music Man,' Marian Hill are touring in support of their debut full-length album, 'Act One.' While in town to play a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Marian Hill visited The Current studio for a session hosted by Mac Wilson.

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Oake and Riley Features


Coffee Break: Reptiles

October 21 is National Reptile Awareness Day which promotes education, conservation, and appreciation for reptiles. So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that mention any form of reptiles?

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Elliott Smith

Today in Music History: Remembering Elliott Smith

Lulu hit No. 1 with 'To Sir with Love', which Soul Asylum would cover 30 years later; Mick Jagger became a dad; Chuck Berry hit No. 1 with a novelty song; Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong got in a little bit of trouble in Milwaukee; and singer-songwriter Elliott Smith was found mortally wounded, Today in Music History.

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