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Low Cut Connie keep the swagger in rock 'n' roll

Philadelphia's Low Cut Connie embody the joy and free-wheeling spirit of a brand of rock 'n' roll that traces itself back to Chuck Berry. In a recent in-studio session hosted by The Current's Bill DeVille, Low Cut Connie show they not only embody the spirit of rock 'n' roll, they just might be the saviors of it.

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SOHN writes about a life on the move

SOHN performs in The Current studio

Musician Christopher Taylor, who performs under the moniker SOHN, has experienced a lot of change in his life and has seen much change in the world around him. His latest album is called 'Rennen.' ' This record to me was about staying on the move,' SOHN says. SOHN visited The Current for an in studio session with 'New Hot' host David Safar.

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Learning to let go: With debut album 'Process,' Sampha reflects on past hardships

Sampha in concert

Sampha's soulful voice and lyrics are full of emotion, and having lost both of his parents to cancer, much of Sampha's writing focuses on processing those hardships. That, along with his use of simple, repetitive melodies, make Sampha's debut album, 'Process,' a powerful one. Sampha recently visited The Current studio for a session hosted by David Safar.

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Oake and Riley Features

Coffee Break: 893 Essential Artist snubs

The xx perform in The Current studio

Thank you for spending an enormous amount of time listening along to our 893 Artists countdown. We hope you had as much fun listening as we did playing the music. For today's Coffee Break, let's spend some time listening to your favorite artists that didn't make it on the list.

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Stevie Nicks

Today in Music History: Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks

The original "Twist and Shout" by the Isley Brothers was released; The Beatles recorded "Yellow Submarine" at Abbey Road studios in London; John and Yoko began an eight-day "bed in" to promote world peace; and Stevie Nicks was born, Today in Music History.

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