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Live Performances from The Current

The Metal Hearts

Anar Badalov of The Metal Hearts

The music of the Baltimore band Metal Hearts has been described as "quiet guitars and haunting harmonies layered over subtle, programmed drum beats, ala Mazzy Star on a booze bender."

Orkestar Bez Ime - live in studio

Orkestar Bez Ime

Orkestar Bez Ime is a collection of musicians who specialize in music of the Balkans and Eastern European cultures.

Johnsmith - Live in studio


Johnsmith has been sharing his music for over twenty years with people throughout the United States and abroad. Playing over 150 dates each year and driving 50,000 miles, he has become a favorite with audiences around the country.

Catie Curtis - Live in studio

Catie Curtis

Boston-based singer-songwriter Catie Curtis was in the Twin Cities this week for a concert. She's including some material in her concerts from a new album to be released in August, 2006.

Willie Wisely - Live in studio

Willie Wisely

Willie Wisely is a Minneapolis native who discovered the wonders of rock & roll by immersing himself in the record collections of others.

The M's - Live in studio

The M's have been described as having a catchy blend of blue eyed soul with a little new wave.

DJ Scanner - Live in studio

Scanner - British artist Robin Rimbaud - traverses the experimental terrain between sound, space, image, and form, creating absorbing, multi-layered sound pieces that twist technology in unconventional ways