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Live Performances from The Current

M. Ward - in studio

M. Ward

M. Ward doesn't like to discuss the meanings of the songs he writes; he prefers the songs to speak for themselves. Luckily, the Portland-based singer's songs have a lot to say about subjects from love to the state of America.

Jolie Holland - in studio

Jolie Holland

Spring is usually associated with new life and rebirth, but on her new CD, Jolie Holland looks at spring from a different point of view.

Buzzcocks perform live in studio

The Buzzcocks

Formed in 1975, the Buzzcocks were one of the most influential bands to emerge in the world of punk rock. Along side other musical icons such as Joy Division and the Stone Roses, the Buzzcocks helped establish Manchester as one of the biggest punk rock cities in England.

The Alarmists - in studio

The Alarmists

The Alarmists just released their debut CD, "A Detail of Soldiers" on their new independent label, Instrument Control Records. They stopped by The Current to chat with Mary Lucia.

Tim O'Reagan - in studio

Tim O'Reagan

Tim O'Reagan is best known as the drummer for the Jayhawks, but he also writes songs, sings, and plays guitar.

Desdamona - in studio


Iowa native Desdamona is the premier female hip-hop artist in the Twin Cities. She's also creating opportunities for many other Twin Cities artists, helping to produce the Twin Cities first-annual women in hip-hop conference called "B Girl Be Hip-Hop Summit" in 2005.

The Walkmen - in studio

Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen

The Walkmen are five guys from New York, but you'd never guess it from their rich and rhythmic - almost mariachi-style - sound.

The Coup - in studio

Boots Riley of The Coup

The Coup draws from the rich funk and hip-hop tradition of their native Oakland to craft a catchy and soulful sound transcends the merely political.

Two Gallants - in studio

Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants

Two Gallants have a soft-spoken manner that belies the power of their warm, romantic Western sound: equal parts American traditional and the modern, world-weary sensibility of a new generation.