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Emily Haines makes it personal

Former Metric front-woman Emily Haines wrote and recorded "Knives Don't Have Your Back" over four years in four cities and two countries.

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Randy Weeks comes home for the holidays

Randy Weeks' name isn't right at the tip of your tongue when you think of hit songwriters, but after Lucinda Williams recorded his song, "Can't Let Go" on her record, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road", people began to take notice.

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Ol' Yeller at home on the Iron Range

Ol' Yeller plays the kind of music that sounds right at home in the dark confines of the 7th Street Entry or playing from a jukebox in Mattson's native Iron Range in northern Minnesota.

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Peter Ostroushko hides his stress for the holidays

Mandolin and fiddle virtuoso Peter Ostroushko appears to be one of the most relaxed people on the planet. His thoughtful pauses are long enough to allow you to go for coffee and get back before he begins his answer. And that would be OK with him.

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The Dears stay a tight-knit group

It's hard to stay grounded when you've been called " ... the Best New Band in the World," but this tight-knit group has remained true to their original blend of orchestral arrangements, narratives, and pop.

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Forward, Russia! plays a numbers game

An English indie band from Leeds, formed in the Spring of 2004. The band was particularly well known for its decision to only name tracks with numbers, in the order that they were written.

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