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P.O.S performs in The Current studio


With the recent release of his new album 'Chill, dummy,' Minneapolis rapper P.O.S performs live in The Current studio for 'The Local Show.'

Dead Man Winter performs in The Current studio

Dead Man Winter

Celebrating the release of his new solo album, Dave Simonnett brought his band Dead Man Winter to The Current studio to perform live and to chat with Andrea Swensson of 'The Local Show.'

Margaret Glaspy performs in The Current studio

Margaret Glaspy performs in the studio

Over the past year, Margaret Glaspy has been touring extensively in support of her album, 'Emotions and Math.' The album title has become a metaphor for her lifestyle over the past 12 months. 'In travelling or touring or making a record or writing songs,' Glaspy says, 'while it's incredibly creative and emotional, it's also really logistical at times.' Glaspy and her band visited The Current studio for a session hosted by Jade.

jeremy messersmith shares 'Little Blue World' for MPR's 50th

Jeremy Messersmith Little Blue World 50th Anniversary 06

jeremy messersmith wrote a song to help Minnesota Public Radio celebrate its 50th anniversary. He brought in some of the best and brightest local artists to bring the song to life, and now we're thrilled to share it with you.

James Vincent McMorrow performs in The Current studio

James Vincent McMorrow in studio

Following the release of his third album, 'We Move,' James Vincent McMorrow stopped in The Current's studio for a session hosted by Jade. Looking at his trajectory as an artist, McMorrow indicates his artistic output has been informed by his circumstances and his available resources. 'Everything I do is based on what feels right,' he says. Check out the complete in-studio session.

Alejandro Escovedo performs in The Current studio

Alejandro Escovedo in studio

Alejandro Escovedo is a true survivor; not only has he enjoyed 40 years in the music business, he's had some very close calls with death, including surviving a category four hurricane. 'I appreciate everything now more than ever,' Escovedo says. Touring in support of his latest album, 'Burn Something Beautiful,' Escovedo and his band stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Bill DeVille.

Arkells perform in The Current studio

Max Kerman of Arkells in studio

Arkells' frontman Max Kerman is in it for the long game; he's already thinking about how he will age as an artist. 'I've observed the way a lot of bands have aged; there are some bands that can do it really well and some bands can't do it as well,' Kerman says. 'But there's one person who's been really inspiring to me lately ... Leonard Cohen.' Hear more from Arkells in their in-studio session, hosted by Sean McPherson.