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A collection featuring new music discoveries from The Current.

Mark Wheat explains: How I fell for The Fall

The Current's Mark Wheat explains how he came to know and love the music of The Fall. Mark also suggests some tracks and albums to help you discover this long-running band who constitute what Mark calls a unique musical tradition.

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Live Current, Volume 11

Each year The Current pulls together the best live tracks from our studio session archive and make a compilation, and this year may be the best compilation yet.

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Food critics pick the tastiest album covers

The band Battles just released an album called 'La Di Da Di', and its cover features a photograph of a lot of food. With that in mind, we at The Current reached out to some of MPR's food contributors to ask them for their picks for the 'tastiest album covers' -- that is, those albums with images of food on their covers. Check out their picks.

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Watch: Beirut, Live In Concert

'No No No' is first album that Zach Condon and his band of globally minded explorers have released since 2011, debuting many of its songs at Brooklyn's Bell House for NPR Music's First Listen Live. Watch video of the entire concert.

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First Listen: Wavves, 'V'

As the leader of Wavves, Nathan Williams has spent five albums grafting big emotions onto a restless runaround of energetic pop-punk and stoner fuzz.

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Review: Chvrches, 'Every Open Eye'

The Scottish pop band has fun on Every Open Eye, but its disco ball is tiled with galvanized steel. Listen to Chvrches' upcoming album before it comes out on Sept. 25.

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