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First Listen: Alabama Shakes, 'Sound & Color'

Brittany Howard and her band develop a vision of rock, blues and Southern soul that reaches high. You can hear that sound in this first listen to Alabama Shakes forthcoming album, 'Sound & Color'.

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First Listen: Waxahatchee, 'Ivy Tripp'

On her band's new album, Katie Crutchfield sounds nervier and more confident than ever before, while remaining true to her role as an analytical but artful chronicler of youthful uncertainty. Stream Waxahatchee's forthcoming album in its entirety, before it comes out on April 7.

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First Listen: The Mountain Goats, 'Beat The Champ'

On an unlikely concept album, John Darnielle takes a nostalgic but realistic look at the workaday underworld of the pro wrestlers he idolized as a kid. Stream the Mountain Goats' forthcoming album before it comes out on April 7.

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First Listen: Toro Y Moi, 'What For?'

In recent years, Chaz Bundick's sound has traveled down some unexpected side roads. But What For? takes a U-turn back to feel-tingly guitar-pop, with winsome results.

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First Listen: Sufjan Stevens, 'Carrie & Lowell'

A prolific, wide-ranging singer-songwriter crafts an intimate memorial to his late mother, who died three years ago. Stream Sufjan Stevens' forthcoming album, 'Carrie & Lowell', before its March 31 release date.

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