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First Listen, Secret Stash's One-derful! Collection, Volume 1

Secret Stash Records of Minneapolis is releasing the first in-depth collection of music recorded by what was once one of Chicago's most prominent African-American-run labels, One-derful! Records. Hear the first Volume of this collection exclusively at The Current.

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First Listen: Neil Young, 'Storytone'

Young recorded all of Storytone's 10 songs with either a 92-piece orchestra or an elaborate big band, but wisely includes beautifully stripped-down acoustic versions, too.

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Mark Wheat's London playlist

In April 2015, Mark Wheat is hosting a trip to London, so he's been thinking a lot about British bands. As a result, he's put together a playlist of songs by some artists most associated with London.

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First Listen: Kindness, 'Otherness'

British singer Adam Bainbridge doubles down on his many '80s influences (disco, '80s boogie and R&B, house music, go-go) while still making them sound refreshed.

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First Listen: Stars, 'No One Is Lost'

The Montreal band recorded its new album within earshot of a since-closed discotheque, and it shows. No One Is Lost prioritizes lightness and bittersweet uplift over the devastation of past records.

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