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A collection featuring new music discoveries from The Current.

First Listen: Miguel, 'Wildheart'

His third album manages to capture an emotional precinct, an impression of a complex city going through changes and a man working to define real intimacy in the midst of so much tarnished beauty.

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First Listen: Bully, 'Feels Like'

Sweet and fizzy, barbed and aggressive, these are speeding-with-the-windows-down songs. But they also feel true to the life of the charismatic ball of nerves at their core.

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First Listen: Desaparecidos, 'Payola'

Conor Oberst's agitated, political punk band returns with its first album in 13 years – just in time to respond to a new generation of outrage-inducing headlines.

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First Listen: Leon Bridges, 'Coming Home'

A young singer who works in the mode of classic soul, Leon Bridges' songs are made with deep respect and bottomless affection, and his studied appropriations are so detailed that they come alive.

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Listen to 'Dreams', a brand-new track from Beck

Beck has released a new track, 'Dreams', his first new release since his 2014 album, 'Morning Phase'. Jill Riley and Sean McPherson spun it on The Current's Morning Show today. Give it another listen here.

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