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First Listen: Dawes, 'All Your Favorite Bands'

On its fourth album, Dawes calls from deep inside the feedback loop of love's aftermath. Throughout All Your Favorite Bands, singer Taylor Goldsmith takes full advantage of the dramatic possibilities.

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First Listen: The Milk Carton Kids, 'Monterey'

The duo's sound feels lighter and looser than ever, sacrificing the tiniest bit of pristineness for a much-needed note of softly scuffed-up grace. Get a first listen to the Milk Carton Kids' upcoming album, 'Monterey', before it comes out on May 19.

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First Listen: Alabama Shakes, 'Sound & Color'

Brittany Howard and her band develop a vision of rock, blues and Southern soul that reaches high. You can hear that sound in this first listen to Alabama Shakes forthcoming album, 'Sound & Color'.

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