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First Listen: Beth Orton, 'Kidsticks'

On her first album in nearly four years, the singer-songwriter returns to the beat-driven sound that made her name. The result functions as both a yearning journey and a well-earned victory lap.

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First Listen: Bob Dylan, 'Fallen Angels'

'Fallen Angels' is the second volume in which Bob Dylan sings the Great American Songbook, recorded at the same time (and with the same core band) as Dylan's 2015 album 'Shadows In The Night.'

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First Listen: Adia Victoria, 'Beyond the Bloodhounds'

On her debut album, 'Beyond the Bloodhounds,' Adia Victoria leads us on an eerie ghost walk through experience and emotion -- all packed with a punch that never lets us forget that Victoria is completely in control of the excursion.

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Hear 'Burn The Witch', A New Radiohead Song

After several days of strange messages and teases, Radiohead has finally released a new song. Called 'Burn The Witch', it arrives via a claymation video with echoes of a cult-classic horror film.

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