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Upstream: Hinds, and their unfiltered approach to garage rock New Hot

"We're only planning to stop if we see a haunted corn maze or haunted hay rides hehe," write Hinds in an email to me, as we arrange an interview time. They're on California's 101 driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles for a gig at the Echoplex - not its sister room, the Echo, similar to First Avenue's 7th St. Entry - the big room, capacity: 700.

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Theft of the Dial: BORNS

BORNS' album, 'Dopamine', came out on Oct. 16, 2015, and he's been touring in support of it. When BORNS -- aka Garrett Borns -- passed through the Twin Cities while on tour, he visited The Current to record a Theft of the Dial with host Mark Wheat.

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Raury DJs the Party of the Future

The Georgia-born soul-folk wunderkind talks with Jade and picks a playlist that takes us into the forest - and the future (3500, specifically).

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