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A collection featuring new music discoveries from The Current.

Bill DeVille's 2015 State Fair Music Preview

The Current's Bill DeVille is a big fan of the Minnesota State Fair, particularly the live music available on the various stages throughout the fairgrounds. Bill recently had a look at the daily rundown of acts around the State Fair, and he's picked some artists you may want to check out during your visit to the Fair.

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First Listen: Ruby Amanfu, 'Standing Still'

Amanfu has performed alongside Jack White, among many others. The singer takes another step into the foreground on her first solo album, which showcases her incredible interpretive gifts.

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First Listen: Peter Wolf Crier, 'Plum Slump'

Listening to Peter Wolf Crier is like watching sunlight stream through a smudged prism; you think you know where these beautiful melodies are going to end up, but before you know it there are rainbows on the floor and shadows covering your face.

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Covered: The Beatles

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' one and only visit to Minnesota, The Current and our friends at Slacker have put together this station of Beatles covers by a wide range of artists.

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Theft of the Dial: Megan James of Purity Ring

Megan James is one-half of electronic-music duo, Purity Ring. When the Edmonton-based band visited Minneapolis for a couple of shows, Megan stopped by The Current to take over the airwaves on Theft of the Dial.

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