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First Listen: Sleater-Kinney, 'No Cities To Love'

The rock trio's first album since 2005 sounds as fresh and vital as a debut, but also as nuanced and skillful as the work of three players with a decade-long, inimitable rapport betwixt them. Get a first listen to the entire album.

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First Listen: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, 'Club Meds'

On the Vancouver songwriter's fourth album, he plays with abrupt changes of tone and texture. Carefully conceived instrumental passages expand upon -- and sometimes upend -- his lyrics. Listen to the album before its Jan. 13 release date.

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Thao Nguyen's gift-card song takes a poke at holiday presents

While performing at the nonprofit organization Youthprize as part of The Current's Coffee Break on the Road series, Thao Nguyen captures something of the holiday spirit with an original song about gift cards. The chorus is, ""I give you a gift card of the exact amount of the gift card you gifted me." Listen to the whole song.

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Sibling Rivalry: 35 Top Family Bands

With the holidays upon us, many of us at The Current are looking forward to seeing our families, especially our brothers and sisters, which had us thinking about all the great sibling bands. We are family.

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Jake Rudh's holiday playlist

The host of Transmission, Jake Rudh, provides a playlist of some of his favorite holiday jams as nice alternatives to the seasonal norm. Just don't ask him for any help explaining what a Cocteau Twin is to Grandma.

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