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The Top 25 Paul McCartney songs according to you

Sir Paul is rolling into town this Saturday, so we're rolling out the red carpet for him. Starting on Friday, you'll hear some of our favorite — and even some rare — McCartney tracks, and on Saturday we'll count down the Top 25 Paul McCartney songs according to The Current's listeners.

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First Listen: Jenny Lewis, 'The Voyager'

The Voyager's clever (but never too-clever) sound builds an open structure within which Lewis can explore her current fascination: the weight of full adulthood, and its paradoxical precariousness.

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Theft of the Dial: Ray LaMontagne

Ahead of his trippy performance at the newly renovated Northrop Auditorium on Saturday, June 28, Ray LaMontagne stopped by The Current studios to record a Theft of the Dial with host Bill DeVille.

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Pick your all-time, All-Star Band!

The Major-League Baseball All-Star Game is coming to Target Field and The Current staff started wondering, who would The Current listeners choose to be in their All-Star Band?

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