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Hear 'Burn The Witch', A New Radiohead Song

After several days of strange messages and teases, Radiohead has finally released a new song. Called 'Burn The Witch', it arrives via a claymation video with echoes of a cult-classic horror film.

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First Listen: Fraea, 'Bend Your Bones'

Bend Your Bones is six songs of dreamy, beat-driven pop. Like the pink-yellow-blue wax two-thirds through a car wash, it's sweet-smelling and slick; it feels loose and careful at once.

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The Current's staff share their Record Store Day wishlists and favorite finds

Record Store Day 2016 is Saturday, April 16. In the run-up to the big day, a number of staff people at The Current shared what they'll be looking for along with some of their favorite finds from years past. You can also see when and where you can meet folks from The Current as they visit Twin Cities record stores on Saturday.

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Album Preview: Kevin Morby, 'Singing Saw'

Kevin Morby's upcoming album, 'Singing Saw,' released April 15, 2016. Get a first listen to tracks from the album, and watch a video for the album's lead single, 'I Have Been To The Mountain.'

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