Heartland In Studio

First Listen: Rhiannon Giddens, 'Freedom Highway'

Rhiannon Giddens

In her new work, the Carolina Chocolate Drops vocalist speaks for the truly silenced: slaves; those murdered during the civil rights movement; young men felled by police bullets in city streets today. Before its Feb. 24 release date, listen to Rhiannon Giddens' 'Freedom Highway' in its entirety.

Who Needs A Drink? Gillian Welch (and Her Stop-Motion Friends)

Still from Gillian Welch's 'Dry Town' video

For her latest video, singer Gillian Welch is stranded in a dry town with 'no beer, no liquor for miles around.' The song 'Dry Town' is on Welch's latest release, 'Boots No. 1 The Official Revival Bootleg,' and the video uses stop-motion animation to tell the story.

Radio Heartland In-Studio Highlights from 2016

Billy Bragg, Mike Pengra and Joe Henry

Radio Heartland Program Director Mike Pengra conducted more than 30 in-studio sessions during 2016, and as the year draws to a close, Mike shares a few in-studio highlights from Radio Heartland's most recent trip around the sun.

Dead Horses perform in the Radio Heartland studio

Dead Horses in studio

Roots band Dead Horses have recently relocated from Osh Kosh, Wis., to Milwaukee, recorded and released a new album, 'Cartoon Moon,' and are launching a prolonged winter tour that will take them across the U.S. While in town for a show at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Dead Horses stopped in the Radio Heartland studio for a session hosted by Mike Pengra.

Mandolin Orange perform in the Radio Heartland studio

Emily Frantz of Mandolin Orange in studio

It seems impossible to want to improve on the sound of Mandolin Orange, but that's exactly what Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz did when the duo added more musicians to the mix. Playing songs from their new album 'Blindfaller,' Mandolin Orange stopped in to the Radio Heartland studio for a session hosted by Mike Pengra.

A conversation with Richard Shindell

Mike Pengra and Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell's songs are so full of imagery, they could be novels, films or paintings. 'Careless,' Shindell's latest album, continues in that mold. Shindell stopped by Radio Heartland to chat with Mike Pengra and to share a few tracks from the new album.

Gurf Morlix performs in the Radio Heartland studio

Gurf Morlix

Gurf Morlix has produced and arranged for a veritable Who's Who in Americana Music, but he also has his own recordings and original songs. On a tour of the central U.S., Morlix stopped at Radio Heartland to chat with Mike Pengra and to play a few songs, including a couple from his forthcoming 2017 album, 'The Soul and the Heal.'

Courtney Marie Andrews performs in the Radio Heartland studio

Courtney Marie Andrews on Radio Heartland

Courtney Marie Andrews' new album, 'Honest Life', contains songs influenced by regulars for whom she poured drinks at a neighborhood bar in Washington state while trying to make a living as a singer-songwriter. Now touring in support of her album, Courtney Marie Andrews found time to sing some of her songs for us in the Radio Heartland studio.

The O'Connor Band perform in the Radio Heartland studio

The O'Connor Band in studio

The O'Connor Band centers on esteemed violinist Mark O'Connor and his son, Forrest. Add Mark's wife Maggie, Forrest's fiancee Kate Lee, plus a couple top-notch Nashville session players. During an extended run at a club in Minneapolis, the O'Connor Band stopped at Radio Heartland for a session hosted by Mike Pengra.