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Live Performances from The Current

IV Thieves performs in studio

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get your start in the music business. Sometimes, all it takes is someone sending your tape without your permission to the right people.

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Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars perform in studio

Even though the members of R.A.S. travelled many of the same professional circles in their native Sierra Leone, it wasn't until they were all living at the Kalia Refugee Camp in Guinea that the roots of this band took shape.

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Frank Black performs in studio

He's now spent more time as solo artist Frank Black than he ever did as Pixies front man Black Francis. His solo work, however, has never gotten the same attention. While he hopes his newest album Fast Man Raider Man will change that, he's just happy making music.

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Now It's Overhead performs in studio

Now It's Overhead mixes moody pop influences such as the Cure and Depeche Mode and the layered textures of bands like Spiritualized and My Bloody Valentine into lovelorn indie rock.

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Citizen Cope performs in studio

Citizen Cope is both a person (Clarence Greenwood) and a band. Born in Memphis, Greenwood is obviously the leader of the group, as he plays the keyboard, guitar, sings, and acts as a DJ, songwriter, and producer.

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Black Angels perform in studio

Formed in Austin Texas in May 2004, The Black Angels definitely have a love of all things 60s: From the trippy, Doors-like psychedelia right down to the strikingly cool, retro-style artwork.

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