The Current Sessions

Live Performances from The Current

K.T. Tunstall performs live

Scotland native K.T. Tunstall didn't start playing with a band until she moved to the United States for one year in high school. She moved back to Scotland and immersed herself in the same scene that formed The Beta Band.

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The Walkmen - in studio

The Walkmen are five guys from New York, but you'd never guess it from their rich and rhythmic - almost mariachi-style - sound.

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The Coup - in studio

The Coup draws from the rich funk and hip-hop tradition of their native Oakland to craft a catchy and soulful sound transcends the merely political.

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Two Gallants - in studio

Two Gallants have a soft-spoken manner that belies the power of their warm, romantic Western sound: equal parts American traditional and the modern, world-weary sensibility of a new generation.

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Mason Jennings - in studio

It's been seven years since Mason Jennings first gained notice as the standing Thursday night act at the 400 Bar. Now the beloved troubador has moved from D.I.Y. to indie label to a major.

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Film School - in studio

San Francisco-based Film School has a flair for majestic swirls of layered guitar and keyboards, which they juxtapose with driving, and sometimes jagged, melodies.

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The Concretes - in studio

The Concretes hail from Stockholm, Sweden. They are playing with borrowed instruments after being the victims of theft outside the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Where they found a loaner glockenspiel is a mystery. Lead singer Victoria Bergman was joined on our studios by the flute-playing pianist and glockenspieler Ludwig Rylander and guitarist Daniel Varjo.

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In the Studio

Gomez performs live in the UBS forum In the Studio

Gomez took off in the late 90s and everything must have seemed easy. A big label signed them, they won awards and sold records. But their last few CDs for that big label got lost in the shuffle. Luckily, the band stuck together, found a new label and carried on. They are known for energetic live shows, an ever-changing sound and, at least here at The Current, for fine footwear.

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