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Amy Millan performs live in studio

Amy Millan is best known for her breathy singing with the pop groups Broken Social Scene and Stars. Despite that indie-rock reputation, Millan thinks of herself as a country music girl at heart.

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Hangar 18 previews its next hip-hop release

Hangar 18 is a rap group consisting of Alaska, Windnbreez and paWL, who rose from the underground rap world in New York City. They unleashed their unique style of hip-hop with the release of "The Multi-Platinum Debut Album" in 2004 on Definitive Jux Records

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Tobias Froberg exports the new sound of Swedish folk

There's a strong affection for folk music in Scandinavia these days. New folkies Ane Brun, Nicolai Dunger, and Jose Gonzalez have been out on tour around the U.S. this year. Now add Tobias Froberg to the list of singer-songwriters from northern Europe.

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Asobi Seksu peforms live in studio

Asobi Seksu could possibly come across like the most recent Japanese pop/indie import to hit the states, except for the fact that their sound is all Brooklyn, NY

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