The Current Sessions®

Live Performances from The Current

Birdmonster - in studio

Hailing from San Francisco and embracing a D.I.Y. ethos for their music and touring, Birdmonster is currently bringing their brand of punk-with-banjos music on tour to support their first full-length "No Midnight."

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Cibelle - in studio

Cibelle makes use of a variety of elements to create unique, imaginative and enchanting pieces of music. Including; acoustic instrumentation, electronic processing, noise guitars, children's toys, and pure melodies carried by her unmistakable moving voice.

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Richard Buckner - in studio

With the release of his new eighth CD "Meadow," Richard Buckner has once again delivered an incredible performance fueled with swirling melodies and strong rhythms.

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The 88 perform in studio

The 88 are not just great at writing and performing great, old-fashioned pop songs. They're also really nice guys.

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The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Each member of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band could tell you how Hurricane Katrina has affected their lives, but as a group they continue to tour and share the musical traditions and culture of New Orleans.

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Zero 7 - in studio

What started out as a limited run EP from a couple tea-boys turned engineers turned songwriters has become one of the most well-respected all-star collaborations in the electronica scene.

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