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Live Performances from The Current

Archer Prewitt performs in studio

Archer Prewitt was in town to perform at the 400 Bar, in support of his latest release, "Wilderness". He stopped by The Current studios for an In-Studio performance with Mark Wheat.

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Undertow Orchestra - Live in studio

Undertow Orchestra is made up of four of today's most under the radar yet prolific singer-songwriters: David Bazan of Pedro The Lion and Headphones, Vic Chestnutt, Mark Eitzel of American Music Club, and Will Johnson of Centro-matic. Johnson's Centro-matic band mate Scott Danbom joined the Orchestra on piano and violin.

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Kelley Hunt - Live in studio

Powerful live performances at over 100 music festivals across North America have gained Kelly Hunt a great following and made her a crowd favorite. She has been described as a powerhouse singer, a hardboogieing pianist, and a polished songwriter.

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Flogging Molly performs in studio

Dublin's Flogging Molly is in the midst of an extensive US Tour. Band leader Dave King says the band tries to blend the traditional Irish music heard as a kid, with the loud guitars and punk rock he discovered as a teen. They stopped by The Current to chat and perform.

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Avett Brothers perform in studio

The Avett Brothers perform "Distraction #74," "The Lowering (A Sad Day in Greenville Town)," "Talk on Indolence," and "Pretty Girl at the Airport" (Web extra)

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