The Current Sessions

Live Performances from The Current

Aqualung perform in studio

Matt Hales may be the face and brainchild of Aqualung, but a lot forget that his brother, Ben, accompanies him on stage for every show. The brothers join Thorn in the Current studios as they clear up the some common misconceptions about the group and perform songs from their latest album.

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The Morning Show

Leo Kottke performs in studio The Morning Show

Still spending 80% of his days on the road, life hasn't slowed down for Leo Kottke. His recent collaborations with bassist Mike Gordon has helped him reach a wider audience. He talked with Jim and Ed of the Morning show about the recording process down in the Carribean and performed a few songs.

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Robbers on High Street perform in studio

They've only been a band for a handful of years, but they've already built quite the buzz and have found themselves on a label owned by a major movie film studio. They joined Mary Lucia in the Current studios to talk about how the group formed and perform their energetic indie-rock songs. Songs: "Dig The Lightning," "Montefiore," and "Price And Style"

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Mike Doughty performs in studio

Doughty spent the majority of the '90s as the frontman of Soul Coughing until their demise in 2000. He has spent the past few years touring the country as a solo artist. He joined Mary Lucia in the Current studios to talk about his connection to Minnesota and perform new songs.

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M. Ward performs in our studio

M. Ward joined Mark Wheat in the Current studios to perform songs from his latest album, Transistor Radio. It's a concept album of sorts that addresses the conglomerization of commercial radio.

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Ulrich Schnauss performs in studio

Berlin, Germany-based electronic producer Ulrich Schnauss joined Tony Lopez in the Current studios to perform a special session of his signature ethereal compositions.

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Wedding Present perform in studio

While the UK-based band has been in existence for over 20 years, it's frontman David Gedge who been there through its various incantations. The group joined Mark Wheat in the Current studios to talk about their storied career and perform songs new and old.

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