The Current Sessions

Live Performances from The Current

Electrelane perform in studio

The ladies from Brighton, England joined Mary Lucia in the Current studios to talk about recording their new album with revered engineer Steve Albini and to perform some of their songs.

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Aimee Mann in-studio appearance

Aimee Mann, lead singer of the influential band Til Tuesday, is currently touring in support of her newest solo album "The Forgotten Arm." Aimee took some time before heading to her next tour stop to speak with The Current's Steve Seel.

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Brendan Benson performs in studio

Detroit-based Brendan Benson who has recently been tied as of late to fellow Michigan Jack White (of the White Stripes) joined Mary Lucia to perform acoustic versions of his songs.

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Rosebuds perform in studio

Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp started the Rosebuds shortly after they got married in 2001. Two EPs and one album in hand, they dropped by the Current studios with a full band to talk with Bill DeVille and perform a few of their southern-inspired pop songs.

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West Indian Girl perform in studio

The group joined Danny Sigelman in the Current studios while on the first tour of the U.S to perform stripped down versions of their sun-soaked pop songs

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