The Current Sessions

Live Performances from The Current

Mark Gardener performs in studio

Known for his work with early 90's British shoegazing band, Ride, he's traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic, but traces of his former band still remain in his solo work. He dropped by the Current studios to perform and talk with Mark Wheat.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club perform in studio

Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been of BRMC stopped by the Current studios to chat with Steve Seel about their blues-inspired rock and to perform acoustic versions of songs from their latest album.

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Tin Horns perform in studio

Local four piece Tin Horns dropped by the Current studios to chat with Mary Lucia about their interesting day jobs and to perform a few songs.

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Heavenly States perform in studio

Although all the members reside in the Bay area now, two of the members grew up in Owatonna, MN up until their early 20s. The group joined Mary Lucia in the Current studios to talk about the local music scene back in the mid-90s and to perform their SST records-inspired rock songs.

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The National perform in studio

It wasn't until they moved to New York City from Cincinatti that the members started playing together. The group joined Danny Sigelmann in the Current studios to perform and discuss life in a band with your brother.

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