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Nick Lowe performs live in The Current studio

Nick Lowe is kind of an enigma. Probably more well-known for the hit songs he has composed rather than his name, it's still easy to discern that he has a reputation in the music world, and a big one at that.

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The Honeydogs perform Beatles covers in The Current studio

As a recent tradition on The Local Show we invite a local band into the studio to perform a few tunes made famous by The Beatles in honor of the Minnesota Beatle Project. This year we invited The Honeydogs to put their spin on three classic Beatles songs.

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In the Studio

Polica performs live in The Current studio In the Studio

Polica had already recorded their first full-length before debuting on the local music circuit. So the mystery behind them after their inaugural show in September 2011 was already remarkably large, especially considering the musicians' previous projects like Roma di Luna, Bon Iver, and GAYNGS.

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The Rope perform in The Current studio

Taking cues from the post-punk era, local quintet The Rope have planted their dark bass-driven sound in the Twin Cities music scene. Formed in 2010, The Rope could easily be mistaken for a band from the 1980s.

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Joseph Arthur performs live in The Current studio

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur has released "The Graduation Ceremony," his first solo album since 2006. While also working on new music, he's pursued an art career with gallery openings in Paris as well as an interests in politics -- particularly the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Mates of State perform live in The Current studio

When indie music first started gaining ground in the early 2000s, one of the most successful bands in receiving mainstream attention was Mates of State, the married duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. Now they are back with their seventh album in a career that spans 14 years.

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Ximena Sarinana performs live in The Current studio

Ximena Sarinana released her critically acclaimed debut album "Mediocre" in 2008 and cemented her reputation in both Mexico and the United States with two Latin Grammy Awards nominations and an American Grammy Awards nomination under her belt. She's credited with helping to bring back the style of nueva cancion, a genre of Latin-folk popular in the 1960s-80s.

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Slideshow: Policy and a Pint at the Varsity Theater - 11/14/11

When you hear the word "design," you might think of iPods or I.M. Pei: artfully-conceived objects, be it architecture, gadgets, automobiles, or clothing. In this edition of Policy and a Pint from Monday night, our panel discussed the potential human impact that design and aesthetics can make.

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