The Current Sessions

Live Performances from The Current

Sims performs live at the Minnesota State Fair

Local rapper and Doomtree collective member Sims has had an amazing year, with his sophomore album "Bad Time Zoo" earning much critical and fan attention upon its February release. The Current was proud to welcome him to our State Fair stage.

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Peter Wolf Crier perform at the Minnesota State Fair

Peter Wolf Crier have graced The Current studios and the MPR State Fair booth before, and their popularity among Twin Cities music fans is widespread and enduring, so it was a no-brainer for us to bring them back to our stage at the Fair for another stellar performance live on this week's Local Show with David Campbell.

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Two Harbors perform live at the State Fair

Two Harbors have been making lovely, subtle indie-rock-'n'-pop right here in the Twin Cities for about five years now, and The Current was thrilled to have them to play at our booth at the State Fair.

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Dead Man Winter performs in The Current studio

When Dave Simonett, Ryan Young and Tim Saxhaug are not playing at break neck speeds in Trampled by Turtles they can be found with electric instruments in tow performing as Dead Man Winter. Joined by country blues guitarist Erik Koskinen, and drummer Noah Levy, Dead Man Winter takes the tempo down a few notches from Trampled by Turtles and adds a bit of country charm.

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Mystery Palace performs in The Current Studio

Mystery Palace is the local electronic project from the former 12 Rods member, Ryan Olcott, jazz bassist James Buckley and drummer Joey Van Phillips. Olcott, who also fills his time producing bands in the Twin Cities, produced their latest effort, Nervio.

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The Bombay Sweets perform in The Current studio

You'd think someone who's married to a food critic is more likely to be at restaurants rather than rock shows, but that isn't the case for Bombay Sweets' Nathan Grumdahl. Married to local food writer, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, he enjoys his duck confit just as much as his garage-surf-rock band. The former guitarist for Selby Tigers and Monarques, Grumdahl started the Bombay Sweets as a one- man-band and added His Mischief drummer Jeff Brown to the mix shortly after.

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