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Interview with Kurtis Blow The Current's Morning Show

Kurtis Blow, the King of Rap from Harlem U.S.A., is a true hip hop pioneer. In 1981, Kurtis was the first national rapper to be booked in Minneapolis. Kurtis Blow is back in the Twin Cities as the MC of 'Hip Hop Nutcracker,' which has its final show tonight at the Ordway in St. Paul. Sean McPherson and Kurtis Blow sat down for a conversation about hip hop then and now.

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Mike Doughty finds a fresh start in artist-friendly Memphis

After more than 25 years in New York City, Mike Doughty decided to relocate to Memphis, Tenn., citing its artist-friendly environment. 'I have time and I have space and I've just been working up a storm,' Doughty says. 'It's just fantastic here.' Read more about what led Doughty to move to Memphis and about what he enjoys in his new hometown.

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Sound Unseen festival kicks off Wednesday night

The Sound Unseen Festival, which features films about music, kicks off Wednesday, Nov. 11, and runs through Sunday. Festival director Jim Brunzell and co-programmer Rich Gill join Jill Riley and Sean McPherson on The Current's Morning Show to talk about the festival and some of the films in the lineup.

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The Current's Guitar Collection: Dan Wilson, 1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo

While visiting The Current's studio, Dan Wilson took a few minutes to talk about the guitar that has accompanied him on stages and in songwriting sessions since the turn of the century. 'The guitar is sort of a rough and ready, portable songwriting machine,' he says. Check out the full interview.

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Seeing the visual side of songwriter Dan Wilson

Minnesota native Dan Wilson is renowned for his songwriting, but he is also an accomplished visual artist, specializing in calligraphy and ink drawing. Wilson's songs and visual art come alive at a show at Mia on Friday, Oct. 16; he tells The Current's Mac Wilson (no relation) all about it.

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The Current's Guitar Collection: Frank Turner, Gibson J-45

Frank Turner wants guitars that have a very full sound and can stand up to the rigors of his energetic live shows. In the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection, Turner describes what he likes about and how he uses Gibson guitars, what inspires him as a guitarist, and which instrument is his 'only kind of rock 'n' roll excess extravagance [he's] ever really had.'

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