On Andrew Bird's Latest, Real Life Takes The Reins

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'All my songs are personal on some level; it's just a matter of how much that personal thing is buried.' Bird says that on the new album, 'Are You Serious,' his private world has bubbled to the surface.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Barns Courtney, Martin OOO-15M

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Barns Courtney has only had his Martin acoustic guitar for six months, but it already looks road-worn. 'Everything I've been through, I can sort of see represented on this instrument,' he says. 'It feels more like it's mine, like it's more a part of me than some random instrument that I've picked up.' Barns Courtney's Martin OOO-15M is the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Mike 'McDuck' Olson, D'Angelico EX-DC

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Lake Street Dive's Mike 'McDuck' Olson came into The Current's studio with a shiny D'Angelico electric guitar -- and it turns out it was shiny for a reason. 'It's brand-spanking-new,' Olson says. 'It plays great and looks great, too.' Find out more about Olson's D'Angelico EX-DC in the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Kaleo's JJ Julius Son, 1935 National Guitar

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Kaleo frontman JJ Julius Son has long been inspired by the sound of vintage blues music, so ever since the band relocated to the U.S. from its native Iceland, JJ has been on the lookout for vintage resonator guitars. When he spied a 1935 National Guitar at a vintage shop in Nashville, JJ couldn't resist. Read more about the first resonator guitar to become part of The Current's Guitar Collection.

Matty Healy of the 1975 on making bold decisions

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On the heels of releasing their sophomore LP, Matty Healy of the 1975 sat down to chat with New Hot host David Safar to talk about I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, forthcoming demo releases and making bold decisions in the name of the album.

The OK Go song 'Upside Down and Inside Out' gets a literal video treatment

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The band OK Go are well-known for their music, but maybe even more so for their single-take, elaborately choreographed videos. For their most recent project, the band teamed up with Russia-based S7 Airlines to shoot a video in zero gravity -- adding flips, spins, aerialists and paint balloons to the mix.

A conversation with Naughty by Nature

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On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Sean McPherson sat down with one of the most revered hip-hop groups of all time, Naughty by Nature. Known for infectious hits as well as contemplative tunes, Naughty by Nature shared stories and insights that speak volumes to their longevity in the music business. Listen to Sean's complete interview with Naughty by Nature.