Interviews from The Current.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Frank Turner, Gibson J-45

Frank Turner wants guitars that have a very full sound and can stand up to the rigors of his energetic live shows. In the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection, Turner describes what he likes about and how he uses Gibson guitars, what inspires him as a guitarist, and which instrument is his 'only kind of rock 'n' roll excess extravagance [he's] ever really had.'

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Meeting Manuel: a bedazzling visit with a Nashville legend

Manuel Cuevas is a superstar of clothing design: his suits have graced stages and album covers; several of his works are enshrined in museums. On a recent visit to Nashville, The Current's Jim McGuinn got to meet Manuel and hear about his life, 'a documentary waiting to happen.' Read about Jim's visit with Manuel, and see photos of Jim in some of Manuel's one-of-a-kind designs.

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Interview: Dan Bejar of Destroyer

Ahead of his show at the Fine Line Music Cafe with Destroyer, Dan Bejar sat down for a chat with host Bill DeVille about his new album Poison Season.

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Interview: Dan Auerbach of the Arcs

Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys teamed up with his recording buddies to form a new collaboration called the Arcs, and he sat down with host Bill DeVille to chat about their debut album Yours, Dreamily.

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Interview: Keith Richards

On the release date of Keith Richards' solo album, 'Crosseyed Heart,' The Current's Jim McGuinn had a chance to chat with Richards. 'Crosseyed Heart' is Richards' first solo album in 23 years. 'What took me so long? Well, I've got this other band ...,' Richards jokes. Listen to the full conversation and read a transcript.

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The Current's Guitar Collection: Greg Holden, 1972 Martin 00-28

After playing a captivating session in MPR's Forum, Greg Holden stopped to talk to us about the guitar he played during the performance. Holden wasn't typically a player of Martin guitars, but a chance find changed his mind. 'It sounded amazing and I was like, Ah, I guess I'm going to get one of these,' he says.

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