Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album Review: Drive-By Truckers, 'English Oceans'

Drive-By Truckers are back with the tenth album of their nearly 20-year career, and this might be one their finest. The Truckers sing about what they know: real people with real-life problems in small-town America. They deliver their music with conviction, simplicity and grit.

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Album Review: Phantogram, 'Voices'

Phantogram's new release 'Voices' is such a series of knockouts, it can give the record the feel of a singles collection, or even a greatest hits album.

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Album Review: Temples, 'Sun Structures'

Temples, a four-piece band from England, did not set out to make a modern-sounding record; their album 'Sun Structures' is filled with reverb-soaked vocals and fuzzy guitars that whirl around you like a 1960s or '70s blizzard of sound.

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Album Review: Beck, 'Morning Phase'

Billed as a sequel to his 2002 release, 'Sea Change', Beck's new album, 'Morning Phase' has a heavier gravity to it, writes Steve Seel. Beck's pensiveness is more reflective, his sadness somehow more informed. And the result is an extremely rewarding experience.

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