Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Lucius, 'Good Grief'

Lucius - Good Grief

The latest album from Lucius is a shinier, poppier, bigger version of the Lucius many of us fell in love with on 'Wildewoman'. 'Good Grief' is an album of power ballads, poppy R&B and a dash of Dusty Springfield-esque singing for balance.

Album of the Week: Polica, 'United Crushers'

Polica, 'United Crushers'

From the opening strains of the first track, Polica make it clear that this album is taking us in a new direction. With songs that are political and personal, singer Channy Leaneagh shows off the full range of her elastic and emotive voice.

Album of the Week: Animal Collective, 'Painting With'

Animal Collective, 'Painting With'

The hallmark of any Animal Collective record is a sea of instruments, awash in reverb, with vocals layered over top. 'Painting With' features these signature elements in a consistent fashion over 41 minutes

Album of the Week: Lissie, 'My Wild West'

Lissie, 'My Wild West'

Lissie's third release is a beautiful album. This is the sound of experience and sacrifice, the sound of growing up, and all the brilliance and brutality that that process entails. Lissie has never been more expert in her ability to convey emotion.

Album of the Week: Cloud Cult, 'The Seeker'

Cloud Cult, 'The Seeker'

In his foreword to the Cloud Cult book, 'Chasing the Light,' The Current's Mark Wheat posited the band's album 'Love' was their best ever. Mark now takes that back; 'The Seeker,' he says, is their best ever!

Album of the Week: Lucinda Williams, 'The Ghosts of Highway 20'

Lucinda Williams, 'The Ghosts of Highway 20'

Lucinda Williams' second double album in less than two years is inspired by a 190-mile stretch of road near the place in Louisiana where she grew up. If GQ magazine recently called Jason Isbell the King of Americana, perhaps Lucinda Williams is its reigning queen.

Album of the Week: Savages, 'Adore Life'

Savages, 'Adore Life'

Savages' highly stylized image is being used as a symbol of the state of modern music, dressed as they are all in black and looking tough. Savages are everywhere, and everyone seems to love them all of a sudden. But has the sophomore slump been safely negotiated?

Album of the Week: Grimes, 'Art Angels'

Grimes, 'Art Angels'

Grimes's 'Art Angels' will almost certainly go down as one of the most boundary-pushing Albums of the Week we've ever featured at The Current. It is one of the strongest, strangest and best albums of recent years.

Album of the Week: Mixed Blood Majority, 'Insane World'

Mixed Blood Majority, 'Insane World'

A collaboration among Doomtree producer Lazerbeak, Kill The Vultures' Crescent Moon, and No Bird Sing's Joe Horton, Mixed Blood Majority's sophomore album is far more than a side project; rather, it brings out the best in each member of the group.