Theft of the Dial®

Every once in a while, The Current has the opportunity to bring in someone who we admire and respect enough to hand over control of the airwaves to them. Welcome to Theft of the Dial -- where you get to hear some of your (and our) heroes take over 89.3 The Current, play some of the music they love, and talk about why they chose it.

Theft of the Dial: Ray LaMontagne

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Ahead of his trippy performance at the newly renovated Northrop Auditorium on Saturday, June 28, Ray LaMontagne stopped by The Current studios to record a Theft of the Dial with host Bill DeVille.

Theft of the Dial: Dan Savage

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It's Pride Weekend! Dan Savage of the It Gets Better Project had a radio show on what is now KEXP from 1994-1997, so when he came to our studios, the political activist dug up his radio roots and gave us a taste of his music mind for a Theft of the Dial.

Theft of the Dial: Jim DeRogatis of Sound Opinions

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Music journalist Jim DeRogatis is no stranger to listeners of the Current: he's co-host of Sound Opinions, which airs on our station every Sunday night from 8:00 to 9:00. He visited our studios in April to meet with our Local Current college contributors, and while he was here he took a few minutes to talk with Barb Abney about his mentor Lester Bangs, the R. Kelly story that landed him in court, and the song that most reminds him of his time living in Minneapolis.

Theft of the Dial: St. Vincent

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Ahead of her fantastic performance at the State Theatre on April 3, St. Vincent came by The Current studios to record a Theft of the Dial with host Mark Wheat.

Theft of the Dial: Sandra Bernhard

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When Sandra Bernhard came to town for a show at the Dakota Jazz Club last month, the Wits alumna came by The Current studios for a Theft of the Dial with host Barb Abney.

Theft of the Dial: Sean Tillman, Har Mar Superstar

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Har Mar Superstar is making many year-end lists with 'Bye Bye 17.' But what has Sean Tillman, the man behind the Har Mar persona, been listening to this year? Find out in another installment of Theft of the Dial.

Theft of the Dial: Mason Jennings

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Mason Jennings stopped by The Current studios to play some of his favorite tunes and chat with host Mark Wheat before playing two shows at First Avenue Dec. 6 and 7.

Theft of the Dial: Neko Case

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Neko Case came by The Current studios with a hand-picked playlist for a Theft of the Dial and chatted with Steve Seel of The Current's Morning Show.

Theft of the Dial: Father John Misty

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He may say he doesn't want to talk about his music, but Josh Tillman (a.k.a Father John Misty) has strong feelings about the music he listens to in his free time. The eclectic singer-songwriter draws his inspiration from a varity of music genres and he played us some of his current favorite songs.

Theft of the Dial: Aisha Tyler

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Aisha Tyler is your best friend. Or at least you want her to be. She has great taste in everything, and she's incredibly talented, too. Not only is Tyler an established director, actor, comedian and TV host, she also has an enormously successful podcast and a great music collection... so it's no big surprise that she excels at being a Theft of the Dial guest on The Current.