Charlie Parr performs live in the Current studios

by Dale Connelly, Jim Ed Poole

Charlie Parr
Charlie Parr (MPR Photo/Mike Pengra)

Bluesman Charlie Parr has nothing against engineers - either sound OR train engineers. However, he feels he doesn't do his best work in the traditional recording studio setting. So his new album, "Jubilee" was recorded in his neighbor's garage - birds chirping, water on the floor, kids running by - and he feels that the garage setting allowed him to perform like he wanted.

Charlie is releasing the CD this month. He dropped by the Morning Show studio, with his friend Dave Hundreiser (who happens to be a train engineer, AND his neighbor with the garage) to play a few songs.

Songs performed: "Ninety-Nine Year Blues," "Jubilee," "Ridin' Mower Blues," and "Last Freight Out of Ashville."


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