MPR Fakebook with Laurie Lindeen

by Mary Lucia

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The Current Fakebook returned with its final show of the series' first season as The Current's Mary Lucia welcomed Minneapolis-based musician and author Laurie Lindeen, along with a cast of rock worthies to help tell Lindeen's story.

Lindeen's first book, "Petal Pusher: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story," tells of the struggles of coming of age in the Minneapolis music scene of the 1980's. Rock and roll dreams, love and illness all figure in the tale. Some of the very musicians who played with Lindeen and inspired her will provide the soundtrack to her story: her own band, Zuzu's Petals, reunited for the show, and other performers included her husband, Paul Westerberg, Steve Wynn, John Eller, Lori Barbero, Ed Ackerson, Marc Perlman, and many other local luminaries.


  • Laurie Lindeen
  • Steve Wynn
  • John Eller
  • Lori Barbero
  • Ed Ackerson
  • Marc Perlman
  • Paul Westerberg
  • Collen Elwood
  • Linda Pitmon
  • Mark Olson


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  • Laurie Lindeen looks back on a rock and roll Cinderella story Laurie Lindeen knew she wanted to be in a band -- and particularly an all-girl band -- before she learned to play an instrument. It was the late 1980s and she moved to Minneapolis from Madison to experience the music scene. Now Lindeen is retelling the whole story in her new memoir "Petal Pusher."