The Current Fakebook with Chuck D

The Current Fakebook with Chuck D - Slug (of Atmosphere) and Brother Ali Freestyle (Minnesota Public Radio/Bo Hakala)

Host Mary Lucia welcomed Public Enemy founder, writer and activist Chuck D to the Current Fakebook at the Fitzgerald Theater on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Joining them was Slug from Atmosphere for conversation and, as special musical guest, Brother Ali of the Rhymesayers Collective.

Songs performed:

Brother Ali, pt. 1 - "Truth Is" and "Uncle Sam"

Brother Ali, pt. 2 - "Letter from the Government" and "Day Like This"

Atmosphere - "Guarantees" and "Not Another Day"

Atmosphere and Brother Ali - "Take Me Home," "Pedigree" and "Freestyle"

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7 Photos

  • D96ebb 20080425 fakebook kevin
    Redefinition Host Kevin Beacham warmed up the crowd before the show. (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)
  • 9ea1ae 20080425 brother ali
    Brother Ali performs at Fakebook (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)
  • 9f5d0c 20080425 chuck d slug of atmosphere and brother ali
    Brother Ali, his DJ BK One, and Atmosphere's Slug. (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)
  • 5c9c2c 20080425 host mary lucia chuck d and slug of atmosphere
    Host Mary Lucia, Chuck D, and Slug of Atmosphere (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)
  • 97d02b 20080425 chuck d and slug of atmosphere
    Chuck D and Slug of Atmosphere (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)
  • 3ac762 20080425 mary lucia chuck d slug and brother ali
    Host Mary Lucia, Chuck D, Slug of Atmosphere, and Brother Ali (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)
  • B18eca 20080425 slug and nate collis
    Slug of Atmosphere and guitarist Nate Collis (Minnesota Public Radio / Tylor Boland)