Solid Gold performs in The Current studios

Solid Gold perform "Who You Gonna Run To?" from the album "Bodies of Water" live on The Local Show (Minnesota Public Radio/Chuck Olsen)
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    Jun 12, 2009

Before the release of their debut full length, Solid Gold had already built a strong fanbase in the Twin Cities and Europe. After a breakneck touring schedule, the band received much deserved attention following the release of their latest album "Bodies of Water."

Solid Gold stopped by The Current for a live performance on The Local Show.

Songs performed: "Armoured Cars," "Get Over It," and "Who You Gonna Run To."


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  • Solid Gold performs in The Current studios Solid Gold's music has been described as an exploration into "unique instrumentation and composition, pairing circuit-bent organs with classical violin and opera singing, juxtaposing banjo with harsh electronic beats."