Mason Jennings performs live at the Minnesota State Fair

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Mason Jennings (
Mason Jennings performs live at the Minnesota State Fair
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Though Mason Jennings was born in Hawaii, many Minnesotans consider him home-grown. His musical career began with weekly gigs at the 400 Bar as part of the Mason Jennings Band, which won City Pages' "Picked to Click" poll in 1999.

Eventually, Mason became a solo artist, putting out eight studio albums. His latest release, 2009's "Blood of Man," has a darker and more introspective sound than his earlier albums and for the first time features Mason on electric guitar. Mason also just released "Live at First Ave." Fans can also expect a new release from Mason this fall titled "The Flood."

Mason and his wife Amy stopped by the MPR booth at the State Fair to perform a few songs for the Local Show.

Songs performed: "Tourist," "So Many Ways to Die" and "Dakota."

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    Mason Jennings (Bethany Barberg - MPR)
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    Mason Jennings (Bethany Barberg - MPR)
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    Mason Jennings (Bethany Barberg - MPR)