The Rockford Mules perform in The Current studio

by Dave Campbell, Associated Press

  1. Listen The Rockford Mules perform in The Current studio

    Nov 8, 2010

Describing themselves as "saltlick of the earth, blue collar sons of fathers who worked on their own cars in cold garages," the Rockford Mules jam so hard--like a sonic punch in the face--that bassist Craig Peck broke a string on his bass guitar during their in-studio session. Their ideal show? Performed behind chicken wire.

The members of the Rockford Mules first met in high school in the early 1990's, when vocalist Erik Tasa noticed guitarist Ryan Rud at a talent show. The Mules recently released their third studio album, "Ma, They Broke Me."

The Rockford Mules stopped by the Current for a live performance on The Local show.

Songs performed: "Ma, They Broke Me," "Drag the Swamp" and "Mudfoot Barker."


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