Theft of the Dial: Patton Oswalt

by Steve Seel

Comedian and author Patton Oswalt.
Comedian and author Patton Oswalt. (Ryan Russell)
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    Apr 12, 2011

Patton Oswalt might have missed his calling. Okay, he didn't really — if we had been denied his unbelievably hilarious, smart, biting comedy, it'd be a shame. But when he does his old-style "laid-back public radio announcer voice," you will bust a gut laughing at how on-the-money he is. Plus, he has a genuinely awesome taste in music — this despite his own "horrible tastes" he had growing up in suburban Virginia, "going to see Genesis play stadium shows."

Patton Oswalt was kind enough to come in a couple weeks ago to record a Theft of the Dial session with us when he was in town for his appearance on Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater.


"The Ocean" - Christy & Emily

"Ease Your Feet in the Sea" - Belle & Sebastian

"Grace" - Supergrass

"Harmony in My Head" - Buzzcocks

"Cosmic Dancer" - T. Rex

"Hotels" - Juliana Hatfield