David Bazan performs live in The Current studio

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David Bazan (Nate Ryan)
David Bazan performs live in The Current studio
| 30:45

Experienced musician, David Bazan, who led Pedro the Lion and dabbled in side projects like The Headphones and Undertow Orchestra, began his solo career in 2009 when he released "Curse Your Branches," which touched on personal themes like faith and family. With his latest album "Strange Negotiations," Bazan has changed his songwriting focus from personal struggles to larger, societal struggles including themes of the current political and social climate.

The new album is stripped-down and riff heavy and was funded through pre-orders from fans, who got their names in the liner notes - all six pages of them - as executive produces. Bazan chatted with Steve Seel of the Morning Show.

Songs performed: "Eating Paper," "Virginia," and "Strange Negotiations."

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    David Bazan (Nate Ryan)
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    David Bazan (Nate Ryan)
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    David Bazan (Nate Ryan)
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    David Bazan (Nate Ryan)
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    David Bazan (Photo courtesy of the artist)