Slideshow: Wild Flag In-Studio

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Wild Flag's Carrie Brownstein (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)

Wild Flag stopped by the Current Studios to chat with Bill DeVille and play a few songs: "Short Version," "Electric Band," and "Future Crimes."

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  • Wild Flag perform live in The Current studio Althought they don't consider themselves such, they are a "supergroup" of sorts. Wild Flag, featuring ex-members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium and The Minders officially formed in 2010 after Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) announced it on the NPR All Songs Considered blog. The all-female rock band based in Portland, Oregon and Washington D.C., released their debut "Glass Tambourines" on Record Store Day.

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    Rebecca Cole (ex-the Minders) on keyboard (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)
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    Wild Flag Bassist Mary Timony (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)
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    Wild Flag Drummer Janet Weiss (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)
  • C4bed5 20111004 wild flag5
    Mary Timony (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)
  • Cdb19b 20111004 wild flag6
    Carrie Brownstein's pedals (Laur)
  • 29f376 20111004 wild flag7
    Keyboardist Rebecca Cole (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)
  • 13a6e9 20111004 wild flag8
    Carrie Brownstein (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)
  • 2950e7 20111004 wild flag9
    Mary Timony (MPR Photo/ Lauren Knapp)