Steve Kaul and the Brass Kings on Radio Heartland

Machine - Steve Kaul and the Brass Kings (Nate Ryan / MPR)
Steve Kaul and the Brass Kings on Radio Heartland
| 20:27

In their fourth album as a band, Steve Kaul and the Brass Kings have not only expanded as a band, but their sound has also taken on some new elements. Fiddler Jillian Rae is the latest addition to the band, and during the recording of "Machine" several other local musicians have joined in to add to the quartet's solid "West Bank stomp" sound.

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Fiddler Jillian Rae, the newest member of the Brass Kings, and Mikkel Beckman (Nate Ryan)

Steve Kaul, Mikkel Beckman, Brad Ptacek and Jillian Rae visited the Radio Heartland studio to play some material from "Machine" and talk about the new sound.

Radio Heartland This in-studio feature aired on Radio Heartland March 19, 2012.

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    Brad Ptacek of the Brass Kings "communicates" with Mikkel Beckman (Nate Ryan)
  • E20b22 20120319 brasskings 4
    Brad Ptacek's washtub bass and his artwork. (Nate Ryan)