The Growler editor talks craft beer with The Morning Show

by Steve Seel, Jill Riley, Scott Olstad

The Growler cover art
The Growler cover art (Official artwork)
  1. Listen Interview with Joe Alton from The Growler Magazine

    Aug 15, 2012

The Beer Dabbler is giving the Twin Cities a new reason to growl.

The Growler — named after the half-gallon jug used to bring tasty suds home from breweries — is a free bi-monthly magazine focusing on craft beer and the community and culture surrounding it. Published by the Beer Dabbler, who are known for hosting craft-beer sampling events around the Twin Cities, the magazine can be found wherever beer is guzzled.

Managing editor Joe Alton joined Steve Seel and Jill Riley on The Morning Show to talk about the origins of the magazine, Minnesota's craft brew culture, the new Beer Dabbler storefront in St. Paul and bike-and-beer pairings. (Alton jokes "if you're on a fixed-gear, you're sucking on a PBR.")


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