The Current's Public Music Meeting: A polarizing playlist

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The Current's Morning Show host Jill Riley asks an attendee of her opinion. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

Back in February, The Current staff got together and thought, "What would happen if listeners could sound off on music that the programming team were considering adding to our playlist?"

Thursday night at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall, The Current hosted its second public music meeting, an event where listeners have the opportunity to hear brand-new tracks and voice their opinions.

Without giving away the artist and song, the audience got to listen to a clip of the track in question, rate it using some handy number placards and then express their approval or dismay via microphone or #currentmusicmtg on Twitter.

More photos and comments can be found below.

It was a good night to connect with fans of the station and to give us insight into what works and doesn't work after a basic, first-time listen.

And at the end of the night, attendees were in for a treat. From handing Mary Lucia a CD out of a brown paper bag to becoming labelmates with Mumford & Sons on Glassnote Records, Jeremy Messersmith has come a long way in the Twin Cities music scene. He's expanded his sound for an early 2014 release, and music meeting audience was the first to hear the first single, "Tourniquet".

If you have an opinion about any of the songs played, regardless of whether you were at the meeting or not, feel free to add your comments below.

Here are the top five songs as voted by the audience based on our über scientific analysis.

Top 5 Audience-Rated Songs

1. Janelle Monae - "Givin Em What They Love" feat. Prince
2. Caroline Smith - "Magazine"
3. Rudimental - "Feel The Love" feat. John Newman
4. Destroyer - "Babieca"
5. Best Coast - "I Don't Know How"

Other Songs Played

Arcade Fire - "Reflektor"
Bastille - "Pompeii"
Blitzen Trapper - "Shine On"
Cults - "High Road"
Brent Dennan - "Wild Child"
Earl Sweatshirt - "Burgundy"
The Fratellis - "Seven Nights and Seven Days"
Mansions - "Climbers"
Mazzy Star - "California"
Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals"

Twitter Highlights

Read the complete #currentmusicmtg feed here.

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12 Photos

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    Reed Fischer of City Pages, Star Tribune music critic Chris Riemenschneider, and The Current's Andrea Swensson at the public music meeting writer's table. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 1909b6 20130913 music meeting 1
    Mary Lucia is not impressed with a track at The Current's public music meeting. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 6f7d1a 20130913 music meeting 4
    Jill Riley of The Morning Show gives a listener to voice his opinion at The Current's public music meeting. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 1a5f92 20130913 music meeting 5
    A listener rocks out at The Current's public music meeting. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 511663 20130913 music meeting 12
    Digital Producer Luke Taylor tracks the official music meeting hashtag #currentmusicmtg on Twitter. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 0d7ca4 20130913 music meeting 2
    Music Intern Tara, host Steve Seel, Leah Garaas of the digital department, and host Bill DeVille rate a song at The Current's Music Meeting. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 2d2d14 20130913 music meeting 9
    A new track played at the public music makes polarizes the crowd's ratings. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 50ecb5 20130913 music meeting 10
    Program Director Jim McGuinn and Music Assistant Jon Schober reveal the top rated songs. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • Eb427c 20130913 music meeting 11
    David Campbell shares a had-to-be-there moment with an audience member at the public music meeting. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 151e78 20130913 music meeting
    The Current's Morning Show host Jill Riley asks an attendee of her opinion. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 2ace17 20130913 music meeting 13
    David Campbell reminds listeners to vote based on the artistic merit of the song. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
  • 4f64c7 20130913 music meeting 14
    Jim McGuinn consults the writer's table at the public music meeting. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

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