Farewell Milwaukee Live In Studio

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Farewell Milwaukee in the studio with Radio Heartland's Mike Pengra (MPR/Mike Pengra)
Farewell Milwaukee Live In Studio
| 20:54
Cb8b78 20131014 fm dave aaron joey
Farewell Milwaukee's "Danger" Dave Strahan, Aaron Markson, and bassist Joey Ryan (MPR/Mike Pengra)

At first glance, I couldn't believe a band as "young" as Farewell Milwaukee had enough miles behind them to sound so much like a band from the late '60s. For an instant, I heard The Byrds, then I thought I heard Neil Young, The Band and The Allman Brothers. But the greatest part about Farewell Milwaukee's sound is that it's original.

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Farewell Milwaukee's Adam Lamoureux and lead singer Ben Lubeck (MPR/Mike Pengra)

Barely in their 30s, the band members exude the confidence and arranging chops of an ensemble that's been on the road for decades. They have a real understanding of how to play with — rather than on top of — one another.

Farewell Milwaukee released their third album, Can't Please You, Can't Please Me, this past September. They stopped in the Radio Heartland studios to chat and to play a few tunes.

Songs performed:

"Come Naturally"
"The Way You Move"
"You Are The Thunder"