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1972 Bronze Medalist

The Bad Plus

These Are The Vistas
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These Are The Vistas
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    The Bad Plus: 1972 Bronze Medalist provided courtesy of the iTunes Music Store.

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

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89.3 In-Studio Performance
Rhinosaurus Is My Profession
The Empire Strikes Backwards
Theme from Chariots of Fire
For All I Care
Comfortably Numb
How Deep Is Your Love
Radio Cure
1979 Semi-Finalist
And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation
Dirty Blonde
Iron Man
Inevitable Western
Do It Again
I Hear You
Mr. Now
Made Possible
I Want to Feel Good Part Two
Seven Minute Mind
Never Stop
Never Stop
1980 World Champion
Life On Mars
Tom Sawyer
Suspicious Activity
Anthem For the Earnest

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