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Dyslexic Heart

Paul Westerberg

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    Paul Westerberg: Dyslexic Heart provided courtesy of the iTunes Music Store.

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Waiting For Somebody

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A Few Minutes Of Silence
Black Eyed Susan
Dice Behind Your Shades
Even Here We Are
First Glimmer
Knockin' On Mine
Runaway Wind
Silver Naked Ladies
Someone I Once Knew
Something Is Me
Devil Raised A Good Boy
Something In My Life Is Missing
Tell Me Who You Gonna Marry?
Away in a Manger (Single)
Away in a Manger
A Star Is Bored
Angel Walk
It's A Wonderful Lie
It's A Wonderful Lie
Lookin' Out Forever
Man Without Ties
Nowhere Man
Once Around The Weekend
Seein' Her
Come Feel Me Tremble
Wild and Lethal
Love Untold
As Far As I Know
Lookin' Up In Heaven
My Dad
My Road Now (Single)
My Road Now
Open Season Soundtrack
All About Me
Love You In The Fall
Meet Me In The Meadow
PW and The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys
Dangerous Boys
Drop Them Gloves
Ghost On The Canvas
Good As The Cat
Baby Learns To Crawl
Got You Down
High Time
Let The Bad Times Roll
Mr. Rabbit
No Place For You
Silent Film Star
Suicaine Gratifaction
Best Thing That Never Happened
World Class Fad (Single)
World Class Fad

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