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The New Pornographers

Twin Cinema
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Twin Cinema
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Sing Me Spanish Techno
The Bleeding Heart Show
The Bones of an Idol
The Jessica Numbers

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89.3 In-Studio Performance
Adventures In Solitude
All The Old Show Stoppers
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Born With A Sound feat. Amber Webber
Brill Bruisers
Champions Of Red Wine
Dancehall Domine
Fantasy Fools
War On The East Coast
All the Old Showstoppers
All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth
Mutiny, I Promise You
My Rights Versus Yours
Myriad Harbour
Electric Version
All for Swinging You Around
From Blown Speakers
July Jones
Miss Teen Wordpower
The Electric Version
The Laws Have Changed
Live Current Vol. 10
My Rights Versus Yours
Mass Romantic
Letter From an Occupant
Mass Romantic
The Body Says No
The Mary Martin Show
Rock The Garden 2008
All Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth
Don't Bring Me Down
The Bleeding Heart Show
Spirit Of Giving Xmas EP
Arms Of Mary/Looking At A Baby
Joseph, Who Understood
Crash Years
Silver Jenny Dollar
Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
Your Hands (Together)

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