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    Peter Wolf Crier: Lion provided courtesy of the iTunes Music Store.

Other songs on this album

Crutch and Cane
Down, Down, Down
Hard As Nails
Untitled 101
You're So High

Other songs by this artist

89.3 In-Studio Performance
Don't Leave
Down, Down, Down
Hard as Nails
Hedgehog (I Thoughta You)
In-Studio Performance Recorded September 21, 2011
Garden of Arms
Cut a Hand
Hard Heart
Right Away
Settling It Off
Live Current Vol. 6
Crutch and Cane
Local Current Vol. 1
Untitled 101
Local Current Vol. 2
Plum Slump
Big Fads
Don't Leave
Hedgehog (I Thoughta You)
We Became Kids Again
Settling it Off (Remix) (Single)
Settling it Off (Remix)

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