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A while back we had this idea: We believe that everyone who works at the Current (and most people who don't) have in them at least one great idea for a radio show -€“ something they are passionate about - something that hasn't been done, and something that would be interesting to do. The ideas might be a one-offs or ongoing programs, but what if we had a place on the schedule where we could push ourselves to create and air new shows? As an idea lab, as a way to extend what we do at the Current, and just because it'd be fun and 'cause we can.

Local musicians perform Beck's Song Reader

The Current Presents for February 24, 2013
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| 59:59

Beck's 2012 album was only released as sheet music, but The Current rounded up a collective of local musicians to record it to tape.


Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard

Prissy Clerks

Eyes That Say I Love You

Big Cats

Saint Dude

Matt Latterell

Do We? We Do

Niki Becker


Twin Cities Funk & Soul All-Stars featuring Sonny Knight

Just Noise

The Doctors (former members of Colonial Watts)

We All Wear Cloaks

Gabriel Douglas

I'm Down


Last Night You Were a Dream

Bad Mom

America, Here's My Boy

The Roe Family Singers

Do We? We Do

John Munson

Wolf on the Hill

Chris Koza

Please Leave a Light On

Heavy Deeds

Last Polka

Dreamland Faces