The Current Presents

Back in the fall we had this idea: We believe that everyone who works at the Current (and most people who don't) have in them at least one great idea for a radio show – something they are passionate about - something that hasn't been done, and something that would be interesting to do. The ideas might be a one-offs or ongoing programs, but what if we had a place on the schedule where we could push ourselves to create and air new shows? As an idea lab, as a way to extend what we do at the Current, and just because it'd be fun and 'cause we can. 9 p.m. on Sunday nights.


Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard

Prissy Clerks

Eyes That Say I Love You

Big Cats

Saint Dude

Matt Latterell

Do We? We Do

Niki Becker


Twin Cities Funk & Soul All-Stars featuring Sonny Knight

Just Noise

The Doctors (former members of Colonial Watts)

We All Wear Cloaks

Gabriel Douglas

I'm Down


Last Night You Were a Dream

Bad Mom

America, Here's My Boy

The Roe Family Singers

Do We? We Do

John Munson

Wolf on the Hill

Chris Koza

Please Leave a Light On

Heavy Deeds

Last Polka

Dreamland Faces