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A while back we had this idea: We believe that everyone who works at the Current (and most people who don't) have in them at least one great idea for a radio show -€“ something they are passionate about - something that hasn't been done, and something that would be interesting to do. The ideas might be a one-offs or ongoing programs, but what if we had a place on the schedule where we could push ourselves to create and air new shows? As an idea lab, as a way to extend what we do at the Current, and just because it'd be fun and 'cause we can.

Blues Highway Revisited

Blues Highway Revisited
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| 59:38

The Current Presents: Blues Highway Revisited features music from such artists as Gary Clark Jr., Muddy Waters and Lightnin' Hopkins. Local musicians share their thoughts on the blues, and Southampton, England, band the Dodge Brothers talk about recording at Sun Studio and share two tracks off their forthcoming album -- a U.S. radio premiere.

The show builds on The Current Presents: Blues Highway, which aired on Dec. 18, 2011.


Shake It On Down

R.L. Burnside

Jimmy Bell

Koerner, Ray & Glover

Interview with Terence McClenney

Nextdoor Neighbor Blues

Gary Clark, Jr.

Interview with Terence McClenney


John Mayer

Mojo Hand

Lightnin' Hopkins

Interview with Dr. Andy Scheiber

I Can't Be Satisfied

Muddy Waters

Interview with Dr. Andy Scheiber

Happy-Go-Lucky Local

Duke Ellington

Handyman Blues

Billy Bragg

Interview with the Dodge Brothers

Singled Out

The Dodge Brothers

Interview with the Dodge Brothers

Strange Weather

The Dodge Brothers

Please Don't Wake It Up

Mississippi Sheiks

Just Before You Go

Magic Slim and the Teardrops