The Duluth Local Show

The Duluth Local Show looks at northern Minnesota's burgeoning music scene, including sounds from Duluth, the North Shore and the Iron Range. Walt Dizzo, director of the Homegrown Music Festival, hosts. The Duluth Local Show airs on the Local Stream Wednesdays at noon, Thursdays at 11 p.m. and Saturdays at 6 p.m.

The Duluth Local Show - May 8, 2013

Duluth Local Show - May 8, 2013
| 01:06:00


Just Like Today

Charlie Parr

No Fear T-Shirt Blues

Mr. Lindquist

Cherry Tigers

Low Forms

We Own The Night

Jen West

It's Kinda Like A Banjo

Jamie Ness

When I Go Deaf


Old Black Goat

The Moon Is Down

Hurts Like Hell

American Rebels

Juan Paul

The Good Colonels


Wino, Wisconsin

Free Man

Fred Tyson and Friends

Superior Crimes

Ray The Wolf

Don't Spill It

Suzy Q


Jack Campbell and The Skeleton Keys

Something To Get Behind

Wyatt Famous

Drive Away

Bone Appetit