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Jul 27, 2016 Join Minnesota Public Radio's David Campbell as he explores the Twin Cities local music scene, both past and present. Tune in to hear rare songs, live tracks, and in-studio performances.

This week on The Local Show, David Campbell returns to the helm and chats with Local Current blog curator Andrea Swensson about new stories including an interview with Erik Appelwick of Vicious Vicious.

In the 7 p.m. hour, Zoo Animal stops by for a session in promotion of their new Departure EP, a collection of more quiet and intense songs compared to previous recordings.

There's also new music in the mix from Phantom Vibration, Now, Now, Dada Trash Collage, Ecid, The Further Adjustments, Skoal Kodiak and much more.

Local stories from this episode:
Historic Pachyderm studio space will be rejuvenated
Erik Appelwick opens up on new Vicious Vicious album
Bon Iver's Grammys conundrum
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Observer Drift

Hold Tongue (Lookbook Remix)

Zoo Animal
Young Bold

The Crooked Lines

Vicious Vicious
Vicious Vicious

Back In Time

Back In Time

Broken Filthy Arrows

Nice Purse
Slumber Girls

All The While

The Pines
Dark So Gold


Dada Trash Collage
Fun Fund EP

Guns 'n Gold

The Further Adjustments
Guns 'n Gold EP

Mountains of Snow

Magic Castles
Dreams of Dreams of Dreams

Flashlight City

Mean Magic
Mean Magic

Hate Smile

Hate Smile (Single)

Real Thing feat. Psalm One

Longshot and Jake One
Live From Gravebomb Vol. 2

Ruined Rings

Skoal Kodiak
A Butcher's Waltz

Lay Your Cards Out feat. Mike Noyce

Give You The Ghost

Summer Bloog

Phantom Vibration
Growing EP

Black Gold

Soul Asylum
Grave Dancers Union


Bon Iver
Bon Iver

Laying and Lying (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Zoo Animal

Out In The Ocean (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Zoo Animal

Black and Charred (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Zoo Animal

She Bops

The Velveteens
She Bops (Single)

No Alibi

The Breeze and The Brandy EP

Back To The Boys (Single)

Hevy Syrup
Back To The Boys (Single)

Back From Japan

Werewolf Hologram


Now, Now

So It Goes

The Unsalted Sea

No Sir

Prissy Clerks
No Sir (Single)

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