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The Local Show with Crimes and Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm

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On this weekend's episode of The Local Show, Crimes will join us for an in-studio performance. Their sophomore album Thin Sunlight is out now.

Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm will also talk about a remix contest they are launching for single "Take Control" from their new record Whittier Alliance. The lucky winner will get their version spun on The Local Show in the coming weeks.

We've also got a premiere of Grant Hart's new album coming out on Domino. Andrea Swensson will profile this year's Art-A-Whirl Festival. And loads of debuts: Germaine Gemberling, Ex Nuns, Como Avenue Jug Band, Botzy and more.


Waste Of My Time

The Como Avenue Jug Band
The Como Avenue Jug Band Tries Again
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Take Control

Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm
Whittier Alliance
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What She Wants

The Hopefuls
Now Playing At The One-Seat Theatre
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