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The Local Show with Enemy Planes and Bookhouse

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Jul 29, 2016 Join David Campbell as he explores Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present. Featuring rare songs, live tracks, and in-studio performances.

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On this weekend's episode, David Campbell will be joined in the studio by Enemy Planes. You may not know the band immediately by their name, but you probably do by its members. Much of the line-up overlaps with Pictures Of Then (they're still together, by the way!). Their debut Beta Lowdown will be out sometime this year.

Speaking of bands with new names that you'll probably recognize: Painted Saints have launched a side project called Bookhouse dedicated to reimagining the soundtrack to Twin Peaks. They have a release show for the 2xLP effort on Friday, May 31 at the Ritz.

Andrea Swensson will also report on the sad news regarding the passings of Zach Sobiech and Sue McLean.

Local stories from this episode:
Prominent Twin Cities concert promoter Sue McLean passes away
Inspiring Lakeland teen Zach Sobiech passes away
The Walker's Music & Movies series returns to Loring Park July 29


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