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Join David Campbell as he and the Local Team explore Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present.

The Local Show with Observer Drift and Tom Page

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Oct 7, 2015 Join David Campbell as he explores Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present. Featuring rare songs, live tracks, and in-studio performances.

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On this weekend's episode, Collin Ward, aka Observer Drift, will chat with David Campbell about his sophomore album Fjords which is available now. The young musician made a splash with his debut last year and started recording his follow-up right away.

Andrea Swensson interviewed sculptor Tom Page as well. He's on a mission to erect a statue of Bob Dylan in Duluth to commemorate his impact on the city's rich musical history.

We'll also preview the next Local Current Live. We've teamed up with the M.I.A. to bring the series to listeners on a monthly basis. We'll kick it off with Strange Names on June 20.

Local stories from this episode:
Bob Dylan will be honored with a new statue in Duluth
Local Radar: Marijuana Deathsquads
The Replacements will play first shows in 22 years this summer and fall


Double Vision

Hunting Club


TIFF (Single)

Call Off Your Ghost

Parts Of Speech

Once An Ocean

Strange Names
Minor Times 7"

To Be Young

Brian Just Band

Rose Rifle

Red Mountain
Scowl Lightly

Sporting Chance

Observer Drift


Observer Drift


Observer Drift


Marijuana Deathsquads
Music Rocks I and II

Incredibly Still

Incredibly Still EP

High Country

High Country (Single)

To Ramona

Jerree Small
Duluth Does Dylan Revisited

Yes Sir!

Lion Or Gazelle
I Might Love You

Me Natalie feat. Chantz Erolin and Sophia Eris

Psymun and Damacha

Burn Me Through

Sun Gods To Gamma Rays
Burn Me Through (Single)

Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version)

The Replacements


Free Energy
Love Sign

Bruise Or Be Bruised

Prissy Clerks
Bruise Or Be Bruised


Greg Grease
Black King Cole EP

Candy Machine Gun

Haley Bonar

Walkin' Around

The Hang Ups
So We Go

Hollow Heel

Actual Wolf
Lightning and The Wolf EP

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