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The Local Show with The Hang Ups and Actual Wolf

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Jul 25, 2016 Join David Campbell as he explores Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present. Featuring rare songs, live tracks, and in-studio performances.

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On this weekend's episode, the original Hang Ups trio are back together, and they'll perform a rare in-studio in conjunction with their artist of the month feature written by Steve Seel. Actual Wolf will also drop by to debut the first single and video from his forthcoming self-titled debut. Andrea's got news on the upcoming Suburbs record, and she'll also give us a recap of Rock The Garden. Walt Dizzo's in the house as well to give us an update on music news in Duluth. Tons of new music including Jack Klatt, Christine Hoberg, The Goondas, Botzy and more.

Local stories from this episode:
The audacity of Low: What does a band 'owe' us when we pay to see them perform?
Actual Wolf premieres first song from forthcoming debut album


Sporting Chance

Observer Drift

Rattle My Bones

The Suburbs
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Suburbs Have Left The Building

Lily Of The Valley

Jack Klatt
Love Me Lonely

You Can't See Me

Christine Hoberg
You Can't See Me (Single)


Marijuana Deathsquads
Music Rocks I and II

Greyhound Bus (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

The Hang Ups

Comin' Through (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

The Hang Ups

Something Fragile feat. Reba Fritz (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

The Hang Ups

Me Natalie feat. Chantz Erolin and Sophia Eris

Psymun and Damacha

Incredibly Still

Incredibly Still EP

Is The Sky The Limit

Grant Hart
The Argument

Do You Know How To Waltz?

The Curtain Hits The Cast


Communist Daughter
Lions and Lambs EP

Be Gone

The Goondas
Dog Show

Burn Me Through

Sun Gods To Gamma Rays
Burn Me Through (Single)

Kerosene and Spark

Actual Wolf
Actual Wolf

To Be Young

Brian Just Band

Couldn't Breathe feat. Lizzo

Buck Fotzy

Call Off Your Ghost

Parts of Speech

The Hang Ups perform in The Current studios

The Hang Ups, led by guitarist and vocalist Brian Tighe, have been bustling in and out of the Minneapolis music scene since first forming in 1990. Over the course of their 20+ years together, the group has released four studio albums.

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