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Jul 27, 2016 Join David Campbell as he explores Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present. Featuring rare songs, live tracks, and in-studio performances.

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On this weekend's episode, Grant Hart, the drummer of legendary hardcore punk rock band Husker Du, will be our in-studio guest. He'll perform songs off his new, concept solo record The Argument coming out on Domino Records.

Andrea Swensson will also check-in with David Campbell about her recent features on Crankshaft and First Avenue owner Dayna Frank.

And we'll premiere the first track from Psymun's upcoming collaborative album with K.Raydio. Plus, new music from Ancient Mariner, End Quotes, I.B.E. and Benzilla, The Japhies and more.

Local stories from this episode:
Alex 'Crankshaft' Larson traces blues and punk back to their roots



Wegula (Single)

Just For The Hell Of It (Slim Dunlap cover)

John Doe
Songs For Slim

Waiting For Me

Crankshaft and The Gear Grinders
What You Gonna Do?


Fury Things
EP 2

Kerosene and Spark

Actual Wolf
Actual Wolf

California Zephyr (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Grant Hart

Awake, Arise (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Grant Hart

Is The Sky The Limit? (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Grant Hart


Ancient Mariner
In Solitude EP

Incredibly Still

Incredibly Still EP

Turn The Radio

The Suburbs
Si Sauvage

Famous Friends

Kitten Forever


Psymun and K.Raydio
Sirens (Single)

Dexedream feat. Jana Hunter

Food Pyramid
Ecstasy and Refreshment

It's Not Alright

Rabbit Holes
It's Not Alright (Single)

Castle Danger

Portrait Of A Drowned Man
Great Grey

Good Enough

End Quotes
Good Enough (Single)

What Up feat. Toki Wright

I.B.E. and Benzilla
This, That, and the Third

Dark Guitar

The Japhies

Jesus Told You

First Communion Afterparty
Earth Heat Sound

Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!

The Soviettes

To Be Young

Brian Just Band

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