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Today in Music History: Devo release debut album

The Marvelettes released, 'Please Mr. Postman'; Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill recorded 'Stand By Your Man'; the Jackson's broke a record for concert-ticket sales; Green Day picked up a bunch of MTV awards; and Devo released their debut album, Today in Music History.

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Cube Critic, 'Mistress America'

Cube Critic Stephanie Curtis joins Jill Riley and Sean McPherson to talk about a new film from director Noah Baumbach that stars Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke. 'It's really, really funny,' Stephanie says, adding, 'It really felt like it was true to how a teenage girl feels and true to how a woman having a quarter-life crisis would feel.' Check out the complete review.

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9:30 Coffee Break: Dream Lover

Today we look at a popular phrase in songwriting, 'dream lover.' For our 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that have the words 'dream lover' in the title or lyrics -- or both? Send us your requests.

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