Over The Rhine performs in The Current studio

Johnny and June did it, so Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler are hoping they can be among those married couples who successfully write and produce music together. So far, it's working very well.

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Leo Kottke performs in The Current studios

Leo Kottke will be one of the first to say perfection is imperfect. Or that imperfection is, well...artistic. He is a legend among guitarists. He burst on to the scene in 1969 with an album recorded live at the Scholar Coffee House in the Twin Cities and has amazed listeners ever since.

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Small Sins perform in The Current studios

On the tail end of their tour supporting their sophomore release "Mood Swings," the Toronto-based indie-rock quintet Small Sins used an eclectic mix of a chain, bells, a drum machine and an omnichord during their in studio performance at The Current.

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Ed Ackerson performs in The Current studios

Local legend and Polara frontman Ed Ackerson has crossed several things off of life's to do list: make a band, write songs, produce records, start a record label, and engineer records. However, he's never recorded a solo album until now. Ackerson recorded and played all of the instruments on the acoustic meets electric indie-pop self-titled release.

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Me'Shell Ndegeocello performs in The Current studios

One thing we learned about Me'Shell Ndegeocello today is that she doesn't like to be boxed in nor does she care to be placed in a specific genre of music. Me'Shell Ndegeocello scored a few early hits in her career but decided to concentrate on more challenging material by exploring the politics of race and sex, among other topics.

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Lou and Peter Berryman perform in The Current studios

There's an art to writing a funny song. Do you load it up with silliness, or do you try to sneak in something serious from time to time? Lou and Peter Berryman are masters of the silly song. and they do - occasionally - work in deeper and thought-provoking issues.

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John Gorka performs in The Current studios

What do you do after 20 years as a singer-songwriter when you've recorded an armload of successful CDs, toured the country filling concert halls and coffee houses, and written hundreds of songs? You release a two-disc, high-quailty DVD set of some of your best songs, recorded in a theater in Los Angeles without an audience.

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Peter Mayer performs in The Current studios

Peter Mayer finally gave in to pressure. His albums and concerts are full of wonderfully crafted, meaningful, deep songs. However, his new CD "Novelties" is full of his "not so serious" songs.

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Georgie James performs in the Current studio

Georgie James is not a person. Georgie James is a band, based out of Washington, DC. The duo just signed with Saddle Creek Records (home to Bright Eyes, Maria Taylor and Two Gallants), who released their debut album "Places" in late September, 2007.

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The Current Sessions®

Bachelor talk collaboration, play songs from 'Doomin' Sun'

Bachelor - Virtual Session

Bachelor, the duo including Palehound's Ellen Kempner and Jay Som's Melina Duterte, join The Current for a virtual session to play tracks from their debut release, Doomin' Sun. The duo catch up with The Current about recording the record in Topanga, CA, the emotional meshing that takes place in a new collaboration, and writing to cope with fears of mortality.

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Rostam talks sequencing and saxophone, plays tracks from 'Changephobia'

Rostam - Virtual Session

From his studio in California, Rostam joins The Current to play songs from his sophomore record, 'Changephobia'. We catch up with the prolific producer, songwriter, and composer about the sequencing decisions he made on the record, incorporating the saxophone as a central sound, and referencing grunge in his work for the first time.

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Cautious Clay talks album sequencing, plays tracks from 'Deadpan Love'

Cautious Clay - Virtual Session

Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Cautious Clay joins The Current to play a few tracks from his upcoming record, Deadpan Love. Hear his conversation with Zeke about what makes a great taco, how Disney's Aladdin got him interested in music, and the contrasting hot and cold energies on his new record.

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Flock of Dimes on the importance of community for artists, play tracks from 'Head of Roses'

Flock of Dimes - Virtual Session

Fresh off the release of her new record, 'Head of Roses,' Flock of Dimes' Jenn Wasner joins The Current to talk about the self exploration of songwriting, recording the new record with her close pal Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso, and the value of personal community in making art. Plus, hear performances of tracks from the new record--filmed in Joshua Tree, California with Meg Duffy of Hand Habits.

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Wolf Alice play tracks from 'Blue Weekend'

Wolf Alice - Virtual Session

British alt-rockers Wolf Alice join The Current for a virtual session, and play songs from their new record, Blue Weekend. Ellie and Joff catch up with The Current's Jill Riley about recording the album without tight timelines, playing this year's Glastonbury Festival, and more.

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Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Morning Show Features

Trivia Week, Day Five: Great Moments in Live Music

Trivia Week, Day Five, features questions about great moments in live-music performance. Going head to head on this topic are the Craig Finn of the Hold Steady and Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie! You can test your knowledge with five bonus questions.

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