Brother Ali

Brother Ali performs live at the Minnesota State Fair

Prolific, insightful, inspiring... The indisputable praise for Minneapolis dwelling Brother Ali can go on and on. Mark Wheat hosts this influential hip-hop artist at the State Fair, just a few weeks before the September, 2009 release of his new album, "Us."

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Chris Koza

Chris Koza performs live at the Minnesota State Fair

Chris Koza has been keeping busy with his band since his 2008 release, "The Dark, Delirious Morning," and we're excited to invite him to the Current State Fair stage! Check out this live interview and music session featuring Koza's passionate pop-folk style.

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Jeremy Messersmith

Jeremy Messersmith performs live at the Minnesota State Fair

Local singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith began recording his own work after auditing a songwriting course at North Central University in Minneapolis. He soon started playing shows locally and handing out demos of his work. Princess Records quickly signed him for his first full length album released in 2006 titled "The Alcatraz Kid."

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Oake and Riley Features

Coffee Break: Prince-penned songs made famous by others

Prince Piano and a Microphone

As we head into Celebration 2019 weekend with more Prince-related events than you can shake a stick it, it was just announced that a new album called 'Originals' which includes Prince's versions of 15 songs he wrote made famous by other people, will be released on June 7.

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